Spring Re-Boot Camp – Garden Grove, CA

A decadent day-long workshop and recharge for entrepreneurs

The new year gives all of us fresh energy and perspective. If you’re like us, you bolted into the new year with intentions for change and growth – some things in your business and your life you were serious about getting serious about, and a vision for your radical success. And then life happened! Three months in to 2018, where are you it? What expectations have already been shattered? What new projects and directions have started to sprout, and which ones never made it off your vision board or to-do list?

It’s time for a deep check-in and infusion of resources, yes?

Join Shawn Marie Turi (Desire Map Licensed Facilitator) and Mindy Nettifee (author, somatic depth practitioner, and director of Free Delivery) for a workshop tailored to this exact moment in time. You will gather with other entrepreneurs in a lush, inspiring setting for a workshop that will reconnect you to your deepest desires, help you see where you at and why, and support you in connecting to the resources you need to get where you want to go.

Day/Time: Saturday, April 21st / 8am – 5:30pm

Location: Garden Grove, CA (we will send you the location once you’ve registered, it’s amazing and has easy free parking!)

Workshop Fee: $360

What it includes: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and all day beverage service. Morning kundalini yoga practice specially designed to support your work, led by JoAnne Foist. Day-long decadent, feel-great, nourishing workshop facilitated by Shawn Marie Turi and Mindy Nettifee. A follow-up check-in one month later. See full workshop details below.

Payment Options: Register below to make a secure online debit or credit payment through PayPal. Contact the host to make alternative payment options (cash, check, Venmo, Square Cash). You may pay one payment in full, or have the option of paying in two installments of $200, one at the time of registration and on the day before the workshop.


Payment Plan Options

The Full Workshop Details


Saturday, April 21st / 8am – 5:30pm
7:45am | doors open
8:00am | Kundalini Yoga with JoAnne Foist (optional)
8:30am | Workshop doors re-open
9:00am | Workshop begins
12:30pm | Lunch
1:30pm | Workshop in Session
3:30pm | Group Break
3:45pm | Workshop in Session
5:00pm | Closing Ceremony + Intension Setting + Ritual
5:30pm | That’s a Wrap
5:45pm | Lights Out

* Details on arrving Saturday morning: Yoga is options and we begin ‘promptly’ at 8am. You are welcome to arrive between 7:45am – 8:30am for coffee + breakfast goodies, but the workshop doors will be closed from 8am – 8:30am. If you are ‘not’ participating in yoga, please be mindful that we ‘are’ in session.

What to bring:

We want you to get the MOST from your workshop and there are two things that are essential to that you having an amazing experience. One: Beginners Mind! Come with an ‘open mind’ and an ‘an open heart’ as it will make all the difference. If you begin there, you’ll be off to a magical start.

Other things to bring:
· A journal or notebook + pen
· A sweater, or wrap or scarf (layering is always a good idea)
· A small cozy throw (if you tend to get a bit cold)
· When we’re working, it’s about being comfy. You’ll have the opportunity to move around, stretch a bit, find a cozy spot to work, write, etc. If you like to sit on the floor, we’ll have a few of pillows and throws, but if you have something you love to travel with or love your yoga mat (etc) then… bring it. This is about “feeling good!”
· Sunscreen. There will be room to work outdoors if you like and sunscreen is always a good thing.
· Charger(s) for your gadgets
· Something that’s special to you: A small object, artifact or memento (something that is special to you, for any reason. something that carries some magic, that symbolizes or represents who you are, who you are working on being and that might also have some energy or intention you’d like to share and contribute to the group.)

What to wear:

Whatever makes you comfortable! If you are joining us for yoga, you are free to stay in your yoga clothes or change. Again, the entire day is about ‘what makes you feel good!’. So if it makes you feel fabulous, go for it. Our space is private so come in what makes you “feel” the way you most want to feel (feminine / comfy / goddess / beautiful / strong / sensual / flow / flexible — you get the idea).

A few things to help you prepare:

You: as the day gets neared (espeically the few days before we begin) just be mindful and aware of how you’re feeling. What might be coming up for you. Are you feeling Excite? Anxious? Ready? Sad? Happy. Uncomfortable? Whatever it is… just acknowledge it. Not good or bad… just feel it. Then ask… is “this” how I most want to feel? What do I most want to work on? What do I want to walk away with? We’ll talk about this during our workshop.

The Space: Let us take responsibility for the energy that we each bring into the space that we’ll be sharing. This is about our TRUTH and our Desires and we alone are responsible for our own feelings, how we show up, how judge (each other / ourselves / surroundings) and so I we ask you to consider what YOU want to bring, what you want to contribute and what you want to receive. We ARE in this together.

Facilitator Bios

About Shawn Marie | www.shawnmarieturi.com

Shawn Marie is a creative business strategist, consultant and coach, as well as a Desire Map + Fire Starter Session, Licensed Facilitator. Multi-passionate to her core, she runs two businesses. SMT, Inc + {we} FLAUNT. She’s a champion for women and trailblazing creatives. She believes ‘business IS personal’, that relationships are everything and that making generosity part of your growth strategy is essential.

Shawn Marie is also the creator and curator of TRUTH is the New Black: a Conversation Series. She hosts business Soirees, leads workshops and she’s devoted to the pursuit of TRUTH + Purpose + Doing What You LOVE! When it comes doing meaningful work in the world, she’s “all in”

Her personal motto is… “if you don’t love it, don’t do it. Period!”

About Mindy Nettifee | www.thecultofmindy.com

Mindy Nettifee, MA is an author, performer, artist educator, depth somatic practitioner, and master coach. She hosts and produces stories for The Moth and Back Fence PDX, and teaches creative writing and performance classes for Literary Arts in Portland, Oregon. She has led workshops for more than a decade around the US and Europe, and is the founder of the performance and story services company Free Delivery.

She is currently a doctoral candidate in depth psychology and somatic studies at Pacifica, where she is researching the impact of trauma on the voice, and she is trained in Peter Levine’s trauma healing modality Somatic Experiencing. It is her life’s work to help people heal from what is blocking the full expression of their self, their voice, and their unique powers, so that they can do they work they were born to do, and feel the world loving them right back.

About JoAnne Foist | www.joannefoist.net

JoAnne Foist is an invigorating executive and coach, a certified yoga instructor, and a two-time Ironman. Her certifications include Certified Professional Coach – Executive Coaching from fully accredited iPec, Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner, Certified Run Coach, Positive Psychology Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Leadership from Center for Creative Leadership. Further supporting her passion for helping others achieve success and wellbeing, JoAnne is working toward her Ph.D., researching the connection between embodied practice and how we sustain and empower the creative self at work.


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Apr 21 2018


08:00 AM - 05:30 PM