The Nervouse Breakdown is really well known at this point for it's amazing self-interviews with poets and writers. You really won't regret taking the time to explore their archive. I'm not even going to bother telling you which ones are my favorites, you just need to discover them. You can read the TNB profile on me, self-interview and a poem by visiting this link:


Sometime in January, Jon Sands and I had a conversation about writing and zombies and life for an ongoing series he puts out in Union Station Magazine. If you like writing, and you like when writers get dissected, (or if you just want to see me squirm under the scalpel), you might really enjoy this transcription.

Union Station Magazine


Rise of the Trust Fall received the huge honor of being reviewed in The Chicago Sun-Times poetry roundup. The best part: "With detail to craft combined with her already brutal, and important, revelations, Nettifee’s writing and Write Bloody Press books are a welcome, important vehicle in poetry for some time to come." What sweethearts. And to top it off, it got picked next to Robert Pinksy and Billy Collins' new books, those two guys who were, ahem, poet laureates. Geez. Thank you SO much to Mark Eleveld. Ugh. Seriously.

Chicago Sun Time Poetry Roundup


Rise of the Trust Fall gets one of it's first reviews in one of my favorite mags of all time - the delicious and moxy-filled BUST. View the awesomeness here. They call my book "a linguistic orgasm." What a sweet August treat. Thank you to Amber Tamblyn for getting the girly poetry to the girls, and thank you BUST for your fearless community building and good looks.


2018 shows and workshops announced in January.

Happy holidays!