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Final Full Moon of 2017 Workshop + Ritual with Mindy Nettifee

Sunday, December 3rd, 7pm -10pm at Awakenings Wellness Center in Portland, OR

The final full moon of 2017 is Sunday, December 3rd. It’s a full moon in Gemini, and a super moon, and that same day Mercury will station retrograde at 29 Sagittarius. Full moons are moments of truth. Culminations. Points of no return. Combine it with a Mercury Retrograde, and it’s high time for a review of what’s happened and what you’ve learned during this last challenging-as-f*** cycle. And the right moment to release whatever needs to be released so that you can make sweet space for the brand new.

Give yourself a seriously amazing gift to start off this December. Join Mindy Nettifee and some like-minded moon lovers for a three-hour workshop of somatic and depth practices designed to support this releasing and receiving. You will go on a gently guided movement and meditation journey intended to relax holding and bracing patterns in the body, connect you to your inner resources and powers, integrate what is worth integrating, and energetically clear what needs to go. It will conclude with some witchiness that will put you in the right space to make the most of the end of this year, including some parting gifts for December’s new moon and solstice.

Space for this workshop is limited. The workshop fee is a minimum donation of $36 – additional support is always welcome, for those who feel abundant and able. For an additional $9, you can also receive a copy of your astrological natal chart with 12/3/17 transits, (that would bring the minimum donation up to $45, an auspicious number for closing out this first cycle with Trump at the helm). Wear loose, moony, yoga-ready or pajama-adjacent clothing, and bring a journal to write in.

Register by sending in a workshop fee to, and add a note with your name and email address.

Awakenings Wellness Center is located at: 1016 SE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97214. Please enter in the back studio entrance.

About the workshop facilitator: Mindy Nettifee, MA is a poet, storyteller, teacher and psychonaut, currently conducting her doctoral research in depth psychology and somatic studies at Pacifica. She has led creative writing and performance workshops for more than a decade around the US, currently studies trauma and the voice, and is training towards certifications as a RSMT and in Somatic Experiencing. She loves the moon the most. 






December 3 / Final Full Moon of 2017 Workshop