The definitive guidebook and rebel yell for poets seeking radical growth. You want to write great poems: poems that challenge, inspire and awe; poems that forever alter your audience and yourself. Those poems take imagination, skill and some serious guts.

This is not an easy step-by-step up a how-to staircase. This collection of essays, prompts and exercises is the safecracker’s toolbox you need to tap in to your creative source, find what’s sparkling in the dark, and get its life-blood and electricity flowing into your writing.

"I've read countless books on poetic form and theory in various undergraduate and graduate writing workshops. I did a six-week retreat in Ireland with some of the best writers across two continents. I've picked the brains of nearly every professional writer I've ever met. The simple truth is that this is the best book on writing poetry in print. Mindy doesn't just unpack the writing process, she sets the curtain on fire and shatters the looking glass; she tears down the fourth wall." - Ronnie Stephens, Teacher and Writer

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