One-on-One Coaching Sessions + Depth Somatic Work

MINDY NETTIFEE, PhD is an artist educator, depth somatic practitioner, and vocational coach. Her doctoral research investigates the impact of trauma on the voice, and the role of voice in trauma healing and integration. She specializes in supporting those who want to heal, develop, and fully reclaim their voice, and in the process, their power to know and express themselves honestly, share their story and connect with others, and ultimately discover and enact their calling. She offers one-on-one coaching sessions for writers, performers, and speakers from all walks who either have a specific speaking engagement, performance or project in mind, or would like support for the next stage of their artistic development process.

She also offers private sessions in depth somatic work - practices that access and engage the unconscious through the body and imagination. These are designed specifically for adults experiencing symptoms of distress, an inability to use their voice, or who feel stuck or ready for change, growth and more freedom in some aspect of their lives. Using a variety of tools and practices, we will work together to identify patterns and old, unhealed traumas that are hindering your freedom, well-being, and expression, or whose stories simply need to be told. We will tap into your unconscious mind and your body's wisdom to initiate and support processes of change, healing, growth, insight, integration, and manifestation. Often in a single session we can restore you to a state of relaxed openness and a feeling of being "back home."
Two gem-like molecules of MDMA, in colors of gold and aquamarine and ruby, emerge like mountains from behind a black and white photo of a snowy mountain

Original collage, "Snowy mountain with MDMA molecules"

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