Mindy Nettifee, MA is a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology with a specialization Somatic Studies. Her dissertation research is into the impact of trauma on the voice and languaging, and what role they play in trauma healing and integration. In addition to her 15 years of experience teaching creative writing and performance, she is trained in Peter Levine's trauma healing modality Somatic Experiencing, as well as practices of dream work, voice work, expressive arts, Authentic Movement, somatic meditation, and sound healing.

She offers one-on-one coaching sessions for writers and performers with a specific speaking engagement, performance or project in mind. She also specializes in working with adults who feel stuck in some aspect of their lives, and are suffering from anxiety, depression, or loss of meaning - anyone who knows they have not yet found their vocation, or who feels they have hit a ceiling in what they can accomplish without doing their own deep healing work.

We work together to identify unconscious patterns that are hindering your freedom and health and well-being. We tap into your unconscious mind and your body's wisdom to initiate and support processes of change, healing, growth, insight, integration, and manifestation. Often in a single session we can restore you to a state of relaxation, openness and a feeling of being "back home" in yourself.

Two gem-like molecules of MDMA, in colors of gold and aquamarine and ruby, emerge like mountains from behind a black and white photo of a snowy mountain

Original collage, "Snowy mountain with MDMA molecules"

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