The Art of Being Light

A Short(er) Light(er) Course in Embodied Consciousness

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Have you ever wished you had a survival manual for being a human being? 

Over this 11 week course, Dr. Mindy Nettifee and Trinity Capili will lead you in studying and experimenting with the 8-circuit model of consciousness, which might be exactly that. The model is a humanistic translation of the law of octaves first proposed by Timothy Leary in Exopsychology (1977) and later adapted and expanded by Antero Alli in Angel Tech (1987). Leary was interested in mastering the nervous system, figuring out how to perform “upgrades” to achieve greater consciousness. Alli was a little more earth-bound and channeling something very specific to the 1980s, which we kind of can’t get enough of.

Angel Tech will serve as the guidebook for the course. As you might guess, it doesn’t have anything to do with literal angels, but rather a reliable process of self-reclamation by de-programming and re-programming ourselves as needed. The 8-circuits offer a path for methodically exploring and creatively altering some of the primary “strange loops” we experience as humans—the ways we interpret our reality through both learned beliefs and innate sensitivities. By changing our consciousness, the model suggests, we in effect select our realities.

This course is a summer course, offered during the season of maximum light and heat and fruit salad, because while consciousness and reality-selecting are serious business, they also don’t have to be. The course will explore and experience the circuits in two harmonically-related acts. The first half we will learn to see ourselves and life through the first four circuits – the physical, emotional, conceptual, and social – as well as examining the mechanical problems that arise there, diagnosing any personal malfunctions, and tinkering until content. In the second half, we will explore the final four circuits – sensory, psychic, mythic, and spiritual.

You will be supported to:

  • embody and enjoy the intelligence of each circuit with weekly recorded 30-minute somatic practices from Trinity Capili
  • play with the circuits and enact desired changes in consciousness with weekly recorded talks and creative assignments from Dr. Mindy Nettifee
  • witness and celebrate the strange magic of it all in a weekly 90-minute live process group on the Zoom astral plane with Trinity, Mindy, and a small group of like-hearted fellow circuit travelers (for those who select the group journey option)
  • apply your personal insights in a final project and your approach to your life as fall arrives

The course is designed to fit in with and enhance your summer unraveling. Recordings of somatic practices and talks will be delivered by video every Wednesday to take in at your own pace and timing. Weekly live process group container will be held on Tuesdays post-siesta over Zoom. If you want to learn a model of embodied consciousness, go on an adventure in expanding your understanding of how to expand your understanding, and want to have fun and feel good in your body while doing it, this is for you.

Cost and what it includes:

Group journey option: $550 or 3 monthly payments of $186 (limited to 8 participants)

This offering includes the weekly recorded somatic practice (30 minutes), weekly recorded talk with creative assignment (30 minutes), and the weekly live process group (90 minutes) for 11 weeks. Additional one-on-one sessions with the facilitators are possible and will be made available at a special student rate for the length of the course.

Solo journey option: $330 or 3 monthly payments of $113

Some of you may not have reliable enough WIFI to join a weekly live Zoom call, or you might just be drawn to do this course alone and at even more of your own pace. The solo journey offering includes the weekly recorded somatic practice (30 minutes) and weekly recorded talk with creative assignment (30 minutes). Additional one-on-one sessions with the facilitators are possible and will be made available at a special student rate for the length of the course.

Exact Dates:

Course runs for 11 weeks, July 5th – September 19th. The first recordings drop on Wednesday July 5th and everything will proceed weekly from there, with new videos becoming available on Wednesday mornings.

Live process groups are held on Tuesdays from 4:30pm – 6:00pm PST on:

July 11, 18, 25 | August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 | September 5, 12, 19

Materials: Angel Tech by Antero Alli, available in paperback or e-book form, and access to decent WiFi

Facilitator Bios:

Dr. Mindy Nettifee is a poet, artist educator, depth psychology researcher, and depth somatic practitioner with expertise in trauma healing and integration. In private practice, she specializes in supporting those who want to heal, develop, and fully reclaim their creative voice, and in the process, their power to know and express themselves honestly, share their story and connect with others, and ultimately discover and enact their calling. She is trained in the Somatic Experiencing® trauma resolution method, Dream Tending, and a variety of other depth somatic practices. In individual sessions and group workshops, she creates containers for safely accessing and engaging the unconscious through the body and imagination, leading to accelerated healing, greater freedom and joy, and more capacity for the work that is ours to do. She is currently director of the Center for Artist Resilience, where she serves both individual artists and arts organizations in their work of healing the culture and creating ideal conditions for creative life.

Trinity Capili is a movement therapist here to inspire a joyful existence and unconditional love for/through/with the human body. Her experience is wrapped in two decades of field work in movement, yoga, and self-awareness practices. Her specialty is opening real conversations between people and their own parts. After a five year hiatus from advising business leaders, teaching and training teachers, Trinity took to re-educating and reframing her body’s context in today’s world. She discovered more ways to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom techniques and day-to-day living. Trinity teaches body-positive meditations, holistic ergonomics, and facilitates embodiment workshops for businesses and educators. She is a teacher and demonstrator of the movement technique, The Thinking Body- The Feeling Mind®. Trinity offers one-on-one coaching for those seeking a connection or deeper conversation with their bodies. Trinity created Creaturepace® as a resource to help bodies be who they are and do what they love for longer.

Registration Details:

Registration is now closed for this course


Jul 05 2023

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