Embodied Alchemy – A Four Part Workshop Series


“The symbols of the Self arise in the depths of the body.”
C. G. Jung (1940, CW 9.1, par 291)

“The body is the vessel in which the transformation process takes place.”
James Hillman (1976, Spring, p. 145)

“When the great swing has taken an individual into the world of symbolic mysteries, nothing comes of it, nothing can come of it, unless it has been associated with the earth, unless it has happened when that individual was in the body. . . . And so individuation can only take place if you first return to the body, to your earth, only then does it become true.”
C. G. Jung (Vision Seminars, Vol. 2, 1976, p. 473)

Spring and summer are seasons of light and fire, returning us powerfully to our bodies and sending our energies outward, to our relationships with other people, nature and with the more than human world. It can be a time of epiphany, and a time when we are called to enact changes and integrate our epiphanies by living our lives in fuller integrity and bloom. In short – its a perfect time to go deeper into the mysteries of embodied transformation.

In four parts, this workshop introduces the work of Alchemy and the psychological mysteries of individuation in relation to somatic practice and embodied experience. You will learn about the Alchemical metaphor, its repertoire of symbols, and its explicit and implicit connection to the body/psyche/spirit relationship. The main somatic practice will be movement as active imagination, both contained and indoors, and out in nature. This workshop will hold space for you to uncover the next layer of your own healing and transformation, while witnessing this transformation in others as well.

The first two and final workshops will take place at Performance Works Northwest (PWNW) studio in SE Portland. The third workshop in August will involve a group trip out to the Oregon Coast, and transportation arrangements will be made at that time.

Dates & Times & Locations:

Part One: Sunday, June 2nd from 10am-1pm (SE Portland at PWNW)

Part Two: Sunday, July 7th from 10am-1pm (SE Portland at PWNW)

Part Three: Sunday, August 11th from 10am – 4pm (on the Oregon Coast!)

Part Four: Friday, September 13th from 7pm-10pm (SE Portland at PWNW)

Registration and Fees



Jun 02 2019


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


$40 per workshop - $160 total


Performance Works NW
Performance Works NW, Portland, OR