Regenerate – A Monthly Generative Poetry Workshop

Regenerate is a monthly generative poetry workshop series created and led by Mindy Nettifee where we play with ideas & practices from trauma healing while writing our hearts out. In her research on trauma healing and voice and language, Mindy documented evidence of what many poets already know – that writing poetry drops a direct line to the body and unconscious mind, and that sensory voicing and poetic modes of languaging are tools for healing, reconnecting, and regenerating. In this series of workshops, writers get behind-the-scenes access to the theories and practices of somatic trauma therapy and then get to practice using them creatively to write from their own personal material. While this is not trauma therapy, it is appropriate for writers living with PTSD or actively working to transmute personal and collective trauma, and may result in brilliant, shocking new poems.

The workshops take place on the Zoom astral plane, and you may attend them live and/or receive links to recordings and participate asynchronously. Each workshop will introduce a concept or move from the fields of somatic depth psychology and trauma healing, activate a personal and group field of meaning, and then offer a generative writing practice designed to explore what emerges. Workshops take place on Sundays at 3pm PST once a month and last two hours and fifteen minutes – with roughly 45 of container setting and activation, 45 minutes of free writing, and 45 minutes of reflection on what(!) just happened. There are seven workshops planned in this series.  Details will be sent out the week before each workshop, and links to recordings will arrive the following day.

Upcoming live workshop dates, times, and themes:

Sunday, October 17 at 3pm PST: Vortexes and Counter Vortexes

Sunday, November 21 at 3pm PST: Titrating the Dose

Sunday, December 19 at 3pm PST: Opening Presence

Sunday, January 16 at 3pm PST: The Crystal Castles of Memory

Sunday, February 13 at 3pm PST: The Soft Animal of the Body

Sunday, March 13 at 3pm PST: Completing the Incomplete

Sunday, April 10 at 3pm PST: Voo, Rawr

*links to workshop recordings will be emailed the following day/Monday

Cost and How to Register: 

Each workshop is $45 to attend. Click on any link of the dates above to register for a single individual workshop, or go to You may also purchase the entire series anytime during the run, at a discounted rate of $270. Some sliding scale spots may be available, DM Mindy to inquire.

Purchase entire series:



Jan 16 2022


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