New Moon Workshop – Sound Healing + Manifestation Ritual – SOLD OUT

The last new moon of winter comes on Wednesday, March 6th. It’s a new moon at 15° Pisces, the sign symbolized by two fish tied together and swimming in opposite directions, and this year it comes exactly two weeks before the spring equinox, which conjuncts the full moon at 0° Libra. New moons are times of dreaming, soul searching, and planting seeds of desire in the great vast dark. They are the right moment for making wishes, and making them very carefully. Sitting right at the end of winter, this moon wants to prepare us for all the fast, furious commencement energy that’s about to come our way when spring fully springs. Conjunct both Neptune and Mercury, this will be a potent moment for healing and dissolving any final blocks to what we are trying to manifest in our lives in 2019, tuning the instruments of our psyches, and ritually casting our intentions fully and finally, exactly before the growth energy of spring starts its mad spiral into the returning heat and light.

Join me on Wednesday, March 6th, from 6pm-9pm at PWNW in SE Portland, along with some like-minded moon lovers for a three-hour evening workshop of somatic and depth practices designed to support this healing and manifestation. There will be some gently guided meditation, some crystal bowl sound healing, and some manifestation ritual, all culminating in some getting free and moving/dancing to an album specially chosen. Wear something very Piscean, something aquatic, so you can flow and move and dance like an intense and beautiful human being and call this new life into your body. (This is also a somatic workshop – so if flowing, for you, looks a lot like resting your body, you will be welcome and invited to do that.)




Mar 06 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm




Performance Works NW
Performance Works NW, Portland, OR